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Healing Power of Poetry- by Garrett Phillips

The healing power of poetry in the context of grief cannot be understated. Recent studies show that those who turn to poetry after the loss of a loved one report a noticeable reduction in depressive symptoms, improved coping mechanisms, and a stronger sense of well-being.

Poetry is more than a source of comfort; it is a means of connection, a pathway toward finding meaning, purpose, and stability amidst the emotional chaos of grief and loss.

After enduring the unthinkable pain of losing her beloved son, a grieving mother from Port St. Lucie refused to let her grief win, instead turning it into a source of strength and hope through her poetry. Poet and author, Wanda Weathersby, joined Sam Kerrigan and Matt Lincoln on CBS 12 News This Morning to share her courageous story of life after loss and the release of her new book (Say Their Name: A Mother's Expression of Healing and Love) and grief workbook (Say Their Name: The Workbook: A Journey of Healing after the Loss of a Loved One): Watch Now!

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